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The most up to date information on yeast infections and the lastest remedies to cure them

Yeast Infection Information and Remedies

The most up-to-date information on Yeast Infections and the latest Yeast Infection Remedies to cure them.

houryeastcureYeast Infection Information and Remedies


A yeast infection is caused by a fungus of the yeast family known as Candida albicans. The yeast fungus is a common microbe found in your digestive tract and is often present in small quantities on your skin and in your vagina. Yeast usually causes no ill effects. It becomes a problem only if it overgrows – often in people who are already vulnerable. When yeast causes an active infection, as opposed to harmless colonization, it is scientifically referred to as Candidiasis or candidosis.


At any one time, one in five women has Candida colonization of her vagina. It is kept under control by a delicate acidic balance of bacteria in her vagina, which compete with the yeast for nutrients. Chemicals in your vaginal secretions also keep a check on its growth. A yeast infection occurs when the organism multiplies and replaces much of the normal flora. The yeast normally exists as spores (seed like, dormant forms) but when it begins to cause disease these spores germinate and grow into microscopic, branching strands of fungus. The fungus spreads over your vaginal walls and burrows into them, causing inflammation. The red, inflamed vaginal walls, covered with a whitish net of fungus, are said to resemble the breast of a songbird known as The Thrush – hence the common name for a yeast infection, thrush. The white net-like membrane cane be scraped off and underneath, in severe cases of yeast infection, the skin may leak tiny amounts of blood.


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There are number of reasons why the acidic balance of your vagina can change and cause a yeast infection. Some of the main reasons are:


• Menstruation

• Pregnancy

• Diabetes

• Douche products

• Some antibiotics

• Birth control pills

• Steroids

• Moisture and irritation of the vagina also seem to encourage yeast to grow.


See our page on The Causes of Yeast Infections for more information.


Yeast infections manifest in a number of symptoms but by far the most common is extreme itchiness in and around the vagina. However, itchiness occurs in almost all female genital complications, thus, to identify a yeast infection you have to look out for the following specific symptoms:


• Burning, redness, and swelling of the vagina and the vulva

• Pain when passing urine

• Pain or soreness during sex

• A thick, white, odorless vaginal discharge that resembles cottage cheese. However, the discharge can vary considerably. Sometimes there may be a mushroom-like smell

• A vaginal rash


Yeast infections are rare in men. However, a mild infection may be detected usually within about 24 hours after sex. The most common is a mild, red speckling of the end of the penis and will usually disappear spontaneously, provided the man refrains from sex with a woman who has a yeast infection. The other form of male yeast infection is believed to be an allergic reaction to the woman’s yeast infection. In this case, soon after sex, the man notices a mild burning on the end of the penis that lasts for an hour or two. The third form of male yeast infection occurs in men with diabetes. The yeast grows and feeds on the high levels of sugar. The diabetic man experiences severe itching, soreness and swelling of the foreskin.


Most women rush for quick fix prescription medication when, in fact, home remedies for yeast infection exist and are longer lasting. The main natural yeast infection cures are:


• Apple cider vinegar

• Natural Yogurt

• Curds and buttermilk

• Olive leaf extract with grapefruit seed extraction

• Anti Candida diets


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