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"How To Keep Yeast Infections Away”

The most up to date information on yeast infections and the lastest remedies to cure them

Herbal Yeast Infection Remedies

The most up-to-date information on Yeast Infections and the latest Yeast Infection Remedies to cure them.

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Probiotics cannot enter the bloodstream as well as natural herbal yeast infection remedies. Thus, Probiotics are not as useful in the treatment of yeast infections. The fungus may have penetrated the lining of the intestines and travelled throughout the body. In this case, Probiotics will only be able to kill the yeast infection in the mouth, vagina or intestines.


Herbal leaf extracts such as olive Leaf are known to possess antioxidant properties. Most antioxidants double up as anti-fungals and are therefore excellent herbal yeast infection remedies. Natural health Supplements such as beta-carotene, Co-Q10, grape seed extract, as well as other proanthocyanidins are actually anti-fungals. All are natural herbal yeast infection remedies though some are better than others.


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Herbal Yeast Infection Remedies


The fungus Candida albicans that causes a yeast infection thrives on sugars from the bloodstream, so go light on your sugar intake during an infection. Many herbal yeast infection remedies have the ability to conquer this fungus. Some herbs with potent anti-fungal properties include Calendula, Goldenseal, Rosemary, Cedar and Myrrh.


In order to derive the most from these herbal yeast infection remedies, prepare concoctions or infusions and apply them as a douche. Alternatively, use sanitary pads that have been soaked in the solution.


Garlic has particularly strong anti-fungal properties and is great inhibiting the growth of Candida albicans. One clove daily should be chewed and swallowed raw. It may be more palatable to mince it and sprinkle it on a vegetable salad or other dish.


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Herbal yeast infection remedies should work and you should be cured in no time. However, yeast infections that refuse to go away even after using these herbal yeast infection remedies may be an indication of a more serious disease such as diabetes, leukemia, or AIDS. In such a situation, seek proper medical advice to identify the cause of your yeast infections.


A few tips to keep in mind to keep yeast infections at away include:


1. Keep your pubic areas clean, being sure to wash the vaginal area when you bath However, do not wash excessively and do not allow soap to get into the vagina

2. After a shower or bath, make sure your pubic area is completely dry

3. Do not share towels and washcloths.

4. Wash your panties in hot water and leave out the fabric softener

5. Do not wear clothing that is tight in the crotch.

6. Change out of your gym clothes or swimsuit immediately after a work out or swim

7. Avoid talcum powder, heavily scented soaps and perfumes in the pubic area

8. Your diet should comprise large quantities of vegetables, protein and grains. Drink yogurt that contains live acidophilus bacteria

9. Use water soluble lubricating gel when having sex


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